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Inspired by them.

After witnessing other communities position their children for financial stability, Zeldalyn (Zelda) C. Gilliam affirmed that she would do the same. As the mother of three daughters, and “MaZ” of three granddaughters: Hayden, Noelle, and Indie, Zelda has her sights set on their independence. Of the three girls, Zelda is most determined to ensure that her granddaughter, Noelle—who was born with Down syndrome—has a reliable source of income once she is of age. 

Especially for us

Legacy Home and Body captures the essence of our culture, awakens senses forgotten, and beckons to those who embrace their "me time" unapologetically.

With a mission to invite more people into the world of sensuous self-care, Zelda has just begun.

For Zelda, this is more than her life’s calling, it's her legacy.

Candle and Berries
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