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legacy home & body

We know not all candles are made the same. We were the ones who melted the mold! We believe your wick should leave a whisper. Our scents are so memorable, you are sure to miss their scent when you leave. Made with apricot, coconut, and cocoa wax, our luxury candles have proven to be more safe than the leading brands. Our paraben-free candles come in five signature fragrances and three seasonal aromas. Why wick...we mean, wait!?

bath bombs & salts

Nothing melts the end of the day away like the tranquility that comes with a bath full of our Legacy Bath Salts and Legacy Bath Bombs. Full of decompressing and muscle soothing ingredients, it is where "woosah" meets wash time. With sensuous scents that combat stress, you will not find a better blend of aromatherapy and serenity.

diffusers & oils

Let us help you mute the world! Zen does not have to be found in some faraway oasis. Our diffusers and oils bring the escape to you, so you never have to leave your home. In fact, our diffusers are so calming, when taken to work, we have heard it makes 5 o'clock come faster.

Our diffusers create a welcoming aura wherever they are. We have also been told they make it hard to get rid of chatty guests.

The Legacy Oils can be customized to fit your unique needs and palates!

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